Having worked in marketing for a large Financial Institution for over 12 years, I decided I wanted a change of direction. I retrained back in 2012 and decided to turn my hobby of keeping fit into a career. I consider myself very lucky to be doing a job where I get real job satisfaction from helping people to feel better about themselves. I truly believe that we can all learn how to enjoy exercise and it is my job to train you so that you are in the best shape that YOU want to be.

Some people really struggle with motivation, if you are one of them, then a personal trainer is the way to go.Choosing your trainer is important  as you will or should have a good relationship with them. Your trainer should be one who encourages you in a positive way and doesn't judge you for who you are, where you have been or indeed, where you want to go. You can come and work out with me in my private gym space, there is no intimidating 'weight training corner' with people grunting as they lift weights - unless it's you:), and no group of size zero gym bunnies checking out their Lycra clad reflection in the mirror. It really is just you, me and the equipment.

Perimenopause & Menopause

I have a huge interest in the perimenopausal years and beyond. Our raging (or not so raging) hormones affect so many aspects of our lives, from mood to sleep, bone health to muscle health, weight fluctuations to hot flushes and night sweats. The perimenopausal years can start earlier than you think, with late 30's-early 40's being a starting point for lots of women. Some women go through an earlier menopause due to genetics or due to certain treatments or hysterectomy. With this in mind, I have created The Hormone Edit, available as 1:1 consultancy or as a group session. The course covers Strength 4 Life, a weekly walk and talk group and more

I am fully qualified, registered and insured with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REP's).

I have a Premier Global Certificate in Advanced Personal Training, including Nutrition & Weight Management and a Certificate in Exercise Prescription for Pre & Post-Natal clients, (REP's Level 3), a Certificate in Gym Instruction (REP's Level 2) and since Insanity Live classes launched in the UK in 2014,

I am a qualified Insanity Instructor as well.

Certificate in Nutrition 2012

Certified Insanity Instructor 2014

Certified ViPR Instructor 2012

Certified Kettlebell Instructor 2012

Certified SH1FT, L1FD & M1ND Instructor 2020

Certified 3rd Age Woman Peri-To-Post Menopause 2020

Level 3 Certificate in Exercise prescription for Pre & Post Natal Clients

Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training 2012

Level 2 Fitness Instructor 2012

First Aid Qualified since 2012