Body transformations

Eat Clean and Get Lean

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who is in a diet rut and not sure where to start

  • Do you want to tone up, feel fitter and stronger?

  • Are you constantly tired and low on energy?

  • If you are looking to lose weight

  • If you are you new to exercise and/or want an introduction into strength training

  • Do you want an to follow a prescriptive plan?

  • Fed up with always putting things off until Monday and then Monday never comes?

  • Do you need somebody to motivate you and be accountable to?

28 Day Transformation - What does it involve?

  • Weekly weigh in - I suggest that you take a photo (private for your view only) as the camera does not lie.

  • A clean eating nutrition pack outlining the foods that you can eat and foods that are off limit. This includes meal plans and recipe ideas.  

  • Max 10 people per 28 Day Challenge

  • Up to 4 fitness workouts per week (most people attend 2 classes a week)

  • Day 28 - Final weigh in. The person who has lost the most body weight as a % of the starting weight wins half of the cost back. 2nd place wins a 2 week pass to classes and 3rd place wins a 1 week pass to classes.  

60 Day Transformation - What does it involve?

⭐️ Access to a library of online classes to do at a time that suits you (3 live each week)

⭐️ Food plan to support strength training. Includes introduction to macronutrients & recipe ideas

⭐️ Fortnightly measurements and photos for accountability (private for your view only)

⭐️ Online bi-weekly catch up to discuss progress

⭐️ 2 strength training classes each week (1 face to face, 1 online)