Perimenopause & Menopause

I have a huge interest in the perimenopausal years and beyond. Our raging (or not so raging) hormones affect so many aspects of our lives, from mood to sleep, bone health to muscle health, weight fluctuations to hot flushes and night sweats. The perimenopausal years can start earlier than you think, with late 30's-early 40's being a starting point for lots of women. Some women go through an earlier menopause due to genetics or due to certain treatments or hysterectomy. With this in mind, I have created The Hormone Edit, available as 1:1 consultancy or as a group session. The course covers Strength 4 Life, Pelvic Health, Stress Management, Nutrition & Hormones, a weekly walk and talk group, online flexibility and mobility class and much, much more. Strength 4 Life classes and The Hormone Edit will be available from February 2021. Watch this space......

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