Passionate about fitness, food & hormones, realistic about life


About me

Helen delaney


I'm Helen and I am a Personal Trainer, wife and mum of three gorgeous children,

(I know, I'm biased) and I live in Reigate. I am passionate about food and fitness, but also realistic about life. I am a firm believer in the people in glass houses rule, and as a lover of food and drink (with a penchant for Lycra, clean eating and exercise to balance things out!)

I am definitely not here to judge! more

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What my clients say about me 

Helen is such a great motivational trainer, I did the 28 day eat clean plan and I have finally lost my last bit of baby weight that's been hanging around for two years.
The eating plan all made sense and the exercise whilst challenging was easy to follow and left me feeling great!! 


Stacey, Reigate

  "I really enjoyed the class and Helen was so welcoming. She helped me with some of the exercises and everyone in the class was also very friendly.
I then signed up to her Eat Clean, get lean, 28 day body transformation and the only thing I can say is wow!" 

Fiona Temple

 I first started training with Helen just three months after the birth of my third child.
My plan was to lose weight and tone up but what I really didn’t expect was how much I would enjoy the process. In the past exercise had always seemed like a chore but Helen has made our two sessions a week really fun and varied. 

Morag Turner

helen delaney


Personal Trainer

Reigate, Surrey, UK 


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